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Clyde W Anderson

Atlanta, Georgia
Man I am just motavated this morning and I want to get some things accomplished. I know we all feel like that from time to time and it's on Ole AndyClyde right now. Just got another featured advertiser on my site and things are going well.....AHo Right now I just try to be a down to earth type guy. I don't really change my on line of travel regardless of how many people think they know what I should do. I hold back a little more now but I will tell you how I feel. I have become the old people I grew up around and I don't mind. I listen even more to what a younger person has to say. I like adventure still, only you won't see me hanging off the side of a mountain on purpose anymore. I don't and won't try to get alone with you by going out of my way. Either we get alone or we don't. I have a business and I offer a good product, now if you want to spend more over there I will not stop you. I have shared the love of some truly good women and I feel bless for that. I believe in God we talk everyday. I love my children no matter what they think of me. They never needed, but they had lots of wants. I couldn't spoil them and that might have been good. I'm just an old Black man from the hills of Tennessee.